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CSI: New York

A CSI: NY RP Community
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This is a CSI: NY RPG. It is moderated by csi_sbonasera, daniel_messer, and willows_bling, but not strictly so. We figured there are so many original CSI and CSI: Miami RPGs out there, that it's time for CSI: NY to get in on it. However, this isn't only for NY, any characters from Miami and Las Vegas are welcome!

To join, email csinewyorkadmin@gmail.com with a sample of your writing, and an age statement. We know it's not fun to have to make out a HUGE application and all, but it's just for us to get an idea of where you are. On the bright side, you'll hear back from us within a couple of days, at which point you will be asked to create a character journal specifically for this rp only. If you are a current member with an rp journal, just make sure you filter your entries.

As for you character, anything goes. There are no rules as to how you play your character, because this is your interpretation. This is a slash-friendly community; no ships are given importance over other ones. You get to decide if your character is in a relationship and with whom, as long as the person playing the other character is okay with it. Violence, murder , rape, etc. Just remember to put any long posts or posts rated above PG-13 under an lj-cut.

You do have to be 18+ to join. We know that's another annoying thing, but it's necessary because we don't want to get in trouble for any of the porn and violence that may go on around here. An age statement in your application is necessary, as was previously stated.

Interested in RPing a character from the original CSI or CSI: Miami? Submit an application as described above, and be prepared to have a reason why your character is in New York (i.e.: investigating a cross-jurisdiction crime, making a permanent move to New York, etc.).

Original characters: We are now accepting applications for original characters! If you have any ideas, submit an application with the picture of the actor/actress that you would consider playing the role, and how this person relates to the other characters (i.e.: a criminal, a new CSI, a romantic interest for another character, etc.).

For help or questions, contact: csinewyorkadmin@gmail.com.

New York
Mac Taylor - needed
Stella Bonasera - csi_sbonasera
Aiden Burn - det_aiden_burn
Danny Messer - daniel_messer
Don Flack - detflack
Sheldon Hawkes - needed
Lindsey Monroe - det_monroe

Las Vegas
Gil Grissom
Catherine Willows - willows_bling
Sara Sidle - csi_sara_sidle
Nick Stokes
Greg Sanders
Warrick Brown

Horatio Caine
Timothy Speedle
Ryan Wolfe - __csi_ryanwolfe
Eric Delko
Calleigh Duquesne
Alexx Woods

Any other characters from the shows that aren't mentioned are welcome. Original characters are welcome, too!

csi_newyork is an RPG community. CSI: NY and all other CSI shows are a product of CBS.