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Dinner and a Show

Who: Cadence, Danny, Flack, Sara, Lindsey, and whoever else is out there
What: Dinner
Where: Italian resturant run by Aiden's dad
When: Saturday night

Aiden was in the back sipping a glass of wine when she heard the bell on the door tinkle. She poked her head out of the swinging kitchen door to see who'd came in. She was hoping it was her brother, Jake. Dad always loved these family dinners and he always got disappointed when the whole family didn't show up. Not that they were as much of a close knit family as they used to be, but on a good night that didn't come up. Course on a bad night that was all that came up. Especially since most of the blame could be easily put on her.

At the door wasn't her brother. She smiled at the surprise.

"Hey, fancy meeting you here!"
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