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Hanging Out

Who: Attn: Danny & Flack Welcome: Anyone
What: After work socializing
Where: Sullivan's
When: Around 10pm, after Aiden's thread w/ Cadence?

Aiden was glad to be done work for the day. She was looking forward to hanging out with the boys as it had been awhile since her, Danny, and Flack had all hung out together.

Some days when she arrived home alone she had considered calling them up and inviting them over for a home cooked meal. But she always dismissed the idea, the realization being that her apt was too small to have more than one person (she refused to admit 'men') over at a time. Also she didn't know how the guys would react. She didn't want to be known as 'Suzie Homemaker'. She was still Aiden Burn and didn't want them to forget it. Didn't want to risk her position in the social hiarcy as it were.

But at least she'd see her friends tonight. While she waited for them to arrive she was nursing a rum and coke and shooting pool by herself.
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Don seemed to be the first to arrive as he entered Sullivan's, shedding his light jacket while doing so. He saw the familiar group of people near the door and he managed to push his way through as he glanced around for Aiden. She had called earlier that day and he decided that heading out for drinks would be an excellent idea.

It wasn't long until he saw her and he smirked, walking up besides her. "Playin' by yourself? Are ya really that bad?" He joked as he leaned his hip up against the pool table, arms crossed over his chest.
Aiden smirked at Flack and his greeting. She put a hand on her hip and wrapped the other around the cue leaning it on the floor and herself against it.

"I'm just waiting for some half decent competition." Actually Aiden wasn't that good of a poker, ok truthfully she stunk, but she enjoyed it none the less.