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Hoping to pick up Jen's plot

Who: Attn: Cadence Welcome: Anyone
What: Anything
Where: Outside Cadence's school to start
When: When school lets out after the last thread

Aiden leans against the railing on the steps to her niece's school. And despite the filter through her designer sunglasses the stone building is eerily familiar and she tries to think back to what she was doing in her life when she was Cadence's age.

She was still in school then getting ready to leave and go to her job as a waitress. She was also waiting for a miracle that would never come and if she had none that then she wouldn't have wasted her time with school. But things didn't happen that way and Aiden did a pretty good job of dealing with it. Most days anyway, but today was a good one. Despite the stitches in her side.

She's in a pale pink tank top and having just recently come out of the lab the warm spring sun feels good on her bare arms.
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