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Drama? Casework? Whatever, bring it.

Where: Lab
When: Mid-morning
What: Pondering
Who: Anyone

Aiden sat at a lab table staring into a microscope. She was examining the fiber she had found in the back of the limo from the Breazdale homicide. She looked up and made some notes on her findings.

She has nothing to compare the fiber to yet. And until she does there's nothing more she can do with it.

She's done as much as she can on this case right now. She lets her mind wonder as she finishes labeling and packing away the evidence. The lab would probably be called silent by most, but it's not to her. She can hear the humming of the air conditioner, the bubbling of the pot of water behind her.

She wonders how Danny is doing. But what she dosen't wonder is why he hasn't contacted her since getting out of the hospital. Doesn't wonder because she knows. She isn't wanted.

She shouldn't be surprised really. She's the leftover, the gopher. Good when needed, ignored when not. Maybe that was why she learned to blend in, in the hopes of becoming a part of the group instead of always looking in at it.

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