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Chance and choice

Who: Danny, but anyone can come in, don't be shy
What: Mid shift chat?
Where: Locker room
When: Mid-shift

Aiden stood in front of her locker. It was already part way through shift but she was just clocking in. She’d spent the morning in court and wanted to change out of her business suit. She slipped off the jacket and her white high heels and put them both in her locker. She wondered what today would bring, crapsicles, bullet eating rats? In this job anything was possible.

She reached up and unpinned her hair, letting it cascade down over her shoulders, she shook her head and ran her hands through the tangled brown locks to loosen it up a little. It felt good, like she was starting to unwind. She never liked testifying in court, too many bad memories. But it was a part of the job, like it or not.

She reached for her coffee cup on the shelf and took a long sip, concentrating on the taste of the warm beverage. She wanted to quell thoughts before they were even fully formulated. Things were easier to manage that way she had learned. She set her coffee back down and took off her blouse and skirt. Throwing them into her locker she pulled on a pair of pants. But before she’d zipped them up completely her hands stilled as she caught sight of her reflection in the mirror on her locker door. She looked in the mirror at the scar that was running up the side of her abdomen, slightly to the right of her belly button. She looked up to her chest at the scar that should have been there but wasn't. That one she’d had removed. And it interested Aiden in that moment, the trauma people wanted to remember and the trauma people wanted to forget.
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