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Valentine's Party

Who: Everybody
Where: A row house in Manhattan
What: Valentine's Day party
When: 9pm
OOC: Sorry if this opening post sucks. My headache has been real bad today and the pain medicing I take makes me a little out of it. Also feel free to put a song in your post's subject line. It can be backgound music as it were and we can all share out fave Valentine's song.

IC: Valentine's Day was always a busy day for Aiden Burn. It was the winter recital and gala for the skating rink her and her skating partner had inhered from her Grandmother. Since most of the skaters were children the event started at 5pm and was over by 8pm. After-wards there was a hockey game. Aiden never stayed for the game, nor did her skating partner. Between helping the event to run as flawlessly as possible and their own performance they preferred to give themselves the rest of the evening off.

Since neither was romantically involved with someone currently it was tradition to spend the rest of Valentine's Day together. They both would've settled for a nice quiet dinner out, but that didn't seem to be in the cards for this year.

First his parents wanted him to come to the Valentine's Party at their country club. Aiden vetoed that immediately, his parents hated her and she did not want to spend the rest of what was already going to be a very long day 'playing nice' with people who blamed her for the ruination of their only child.

Second her brother had called looking for a couple to double with. That idea had also been vetoed as her brother and skating partner did not get along well either for similar reasons.

But all this required an excuse. They were throwing a party of their own. For their colleagues and friends from work. And the prospect was very appealing. So though it was kind of thrown together only a week before the event Aiden was very excited. It would be nice for everyone to get together for an event that didn't involve a dead body. And she was looking forward to getting to know the new people better.

It was decided that her and her best friend/skating partner would co-host the party at his house, her apartment being too small. They hired some waitstaff from a diner they frequented to moonlight for them tonight. They both prepared food in advance as well as decorated the day before.

So when they arrived home from the skating rink all that was left was to clean themselves up. Aiden lingered in a hot bath while leaving her friend to take a quick shower and help the waitstaff setting up the food. Aiden made herself look beautiful, slipping into her new dress and pulling her hair up in twist. The top curled, she left a few wispy strands loose to dangle about her face. Then when her makeup was done and she'd looked into the mirror and found her appearance pleasing she went downstairs to began her job as hostess.

About a half an hour into the party Aiden was chatting with some of the lab technicians ,or 'rats' as she called them, from both the NYPD crime lab and the FBI crime lab when the doorbell rang.

She excused herself and went to answer it...

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