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Sunday morning, restless morning

Who: Anyone
What: Anything, do whatever you want
Where: Brooklyn
When: Sunday morning, the sun is about halfway up

Aiden had slept well though she wasn't thrilled about being awoken before sunrise. She didn't hear the key in the door and was only alerted to someones presence in her bedroom when she felt him lay down beside her. He climbed into the bed easily, never one to plop or collapse like she did. She knew who it was of course, knew the scent of his skin and the sound of his breathing.

"Are you awake." she stretched like a cat, relaxed muscles protesting the early wake up call. She rolled over on her back and looked him up and down. Still dressed, hadn't even taken his shoes off. Dammit. He actually expects me to get up doesn't he.

"If I say 'no' will you let me go back to sleep?" He chucked.

"Do I ever?" Aiden groaned and rolled over onto her stomach. "Come on Angel." he soothed, rubbing her back. "Let's get in a few hours practice this morning before the rink opens to the public."

"A few hours! Come on Martin, the sun isn't even up yet!" She yanked the covers over her head. She heard him sigh.

"I'll make you breakfast." he insisted.

"I don't want breakfast, I want sleep." he sighed again.

"Fine, one hour, then you're at the rink."

"Fine." she felt him get off the bed and poked her head out of the covers to see him heading out the bedroom door. "You're leaving?"

"Some of us actually perfer not to sleep away our weekends." Martin smirked at her. She threw a pillow in his direction which he dodged by closing the door behind him. She pulled the covers over her head and went back to sleep.

Two hours later she'd finally dragged herself out from under the warm confines of her bed, threw on some clothes, grabbed a cup of coffee and a bun to go and headed out the door.

Aiden wouldn't deny that mornings had they benefits. The rising sun reflected beautifully off the light snow fall that was coming down. But still, she'd rather be asleep. She ate her breakfast as she made her way walking down the Brooklyn streets. Occasionally she yawned over her coffee cup.
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