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Who: Anyone
What: Scene of a Traffic Accident, possible suspicious circumstances
Where: Brooklyn Bridge
When 11pm

At 11pm, on a cold and black night a call comes over the police scanners. A red mustang drove off the side of the Brooklyn Bridge and slammed head first into the ground. Crossing over the other lanes the driver of the mustang left a three car pile up in her wake. Fire and rescue, and all available units are asked to respond. 

The car went off the bridge at the westbound Brooklyn approach, broke through the guardrail and went down like a ton of bricks. The car crumbled like an eggshell on the hard, unforgiving ground below, though not before coming down on a man who was unlucky enough to be standing in the spot directly under the car when it came over the bridge.

The scene is organized chaos. EMTs hurry to try and stabilize the victims and move the ones still on the bridge away from the scene as fast as possible. For one of the cars is on fire and firefighters are desperate to get everyone cleared off the bridge quickly before the car’s gas tank explodes.  Traffic cops have shut down the bridge and denied access to all but the most crucial of personal.

The young female driver of the mustang is alive, though barely. The EMTs fight to save her. She is almost completely crushed. She will lose both her legs, the appendages being too mangled within the wreckage to be saved.  She coughs up some of the blood that is filling her lungs and moans in pain as the action forces her partially crushed rib cage to expand and contract. She is covered in blood and glass from the windshield that shattered in on her, and her eyes are glazed over as if a part of her way already dead. And it is obvious to anyone who takes a look that the rest of her may not be far behind.

Aiden Burn was pulling a double. Already in Brooklyn, having just finished up processing another scene she walked, kit in hand to the scene at the bridge.  Coming upon it she ducked  under the crime scene tape and slowed to take stock of the scene.

People were shouting. Victims were screaming out in pain. Sounds of the city could barely be heard over the din Onlookers crowded round the police tape to stare at the grizzly spectacle. . The water under the bridge was quiet and dark, save for the circles of light that reflected off the river. Whether they were the halos of angels who had come to protect or to collect souls Aiden did not know. Wind whipped around, fanning the flames of the fire and blowing Aiden’s long hair about. She let out a long breath that came out as a cold fog in the black night.

Aiden sighed <i>Time to get to work.</i> It was obvious she wasn’t going to be allowed on the bridge for now. Besides, the answers to this puzzle lied underneath. She walked down to where the EMTs were struggling to save the life of the driver. She lifted up the camera from around her neck and started snapping photographs.


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