__csi_ryanwolfe (__csi_ryanwolfe) wrote in csi_newyork,

Who: Sara
Where: Outside the building [ready for their mystery date]
When: A few days after their time at Sara's, and their day off work.

Ryan had planned an outing for him and Sara for their day off, and he spent much time mulling over where of all places they could go.

A fair? None about at this time of year in New York.
Jet Boating? No water around, really...
A Park? ...

... Well, that was a possibility but he wanted there to be much activity where their outing would be, and a park could see them really sitting and eating. Sara may want to do that but she left him in cahrge of their outing.

He had asked people around the lab for ideas, and one of the more adventerous lab techies gave Ryan the idea that would be worthwhile, but would Sara approve? He only hoped so. It could make or break them [Ryan was slowly having second thoughts about this date], let alone make him feel terrible for a long time to come.

And so he rang Sara to meet him outside the NYPD building. Ryan arranged for a taxi to meet them there and as Sara arrived he greeted her with a kiss.
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