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I'm so hollow

Who: Attn: Flack & Danny but anyone's welcome
Where: Hospital where Danny has been admitted
When: Same day as Flack and Danny's last thread about an hour later I guess?

The day had been normal enough for Aiden. She processed a crime scene with Vegas, worked in the lab, met her best friend for lunch uptown. Nothing abnormal, nothing strange. But then again Aiden's life had never given her many warnings about the painful things that were to come.

Even when William called her midway through the afternoon she didn't think anything of it. William, her brother, was an emergency room doctor and a chronic work-a-holic. He rarely contacted her, but when he did it was at totally random times so she had no reason to think there was anything wrong. At first.

"Hey Will, what's going on?" he didn't say anything for a moment. Maybe it was the silence, or perhaps it was the sound of his breathing, but her eyes all at once lit up with a sudden reconginazation and glazed over with fear. Something was wrong. "William what's wrong?" Silence. "Is is Martin? Jake? Mom? Who is it William? Tell me." She heard him swallow. "Tell me!" she could practically hear him jump on the other end of the line.

"Daniel Messer"

"What?" she said in disbelief.

"Detective Daniel Messer was brought in today with a gun shot wound." Aiden took large gulps of air. Danny People use the term 'blacking out' but it isn't accurate, at least it wasn't in Aiden's case. Aiden's vision began to swim with white not black and she had to sit down on the floor and lean against the wall to keep from passing out. "Aiden?...Aiden?...Dammit Aiden, take some deep breaths." she did and her head began to clear. "Say something."

"" she couldn't even get out the 'is he' for the thoughts that followed were too painful to even consider. "How bad?"

"I treated him. He's stable. I think he's going to be ok." He was going to say more but Aiden cut him off.

"I'm on my way."

"I don't want you to drive yourself Aiden...Aiden?" but she had already hung up.

Aiden took a lab SUV and went lights and sirens to the hospital. She noticed the sudden rain that had begun to pour down over the city enough to turn on her wipers but not enough to grab an umbrella and she was soaking wet by the time she got inside.

She knew the hospital layout like the back of her hand. Knew it because she'd spent far too much time there over the course of her life. Everything for her seemed to begin and end there. Don't think that! her mind demanded. This isn't the end.

She didn't even have to stop at the nurses' desk. The nurse on duty knew her as Doctor Burn's sister, knew why she was here today, and rattled off Danny's room number as she went running past. She headed upstairs on the elevator, her heart raced, her head felt stuffy. Almost there

The elevator doors opened and she went out to the left and was prepared to make another left when she saw Flack standing in the lounge, fighting with the coffee machine. And all at once she does and doesn't understand. Flack went with him today. He was there today, has been there today. Been here today. She is angry and hurt and rushes into the lounge to stand behind him.

"Flack." Her voice is hollow and empty, and her eyes are cold.
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