det_aiden_burn (det_aiden_burn) wrote in csi_newyork,

Through the Grapevine

Who: Sara and Stella
What: Target Practice
When: Sometime between Christmas and New Years
Where: Shooting range somewhere in the lab building.

A little birdy, or perhaps a big mouthed lab tech, had informed Aiden that the new girl out of Vegas, Sara, wanted to get in some practice at the shooting range. Aiden was more then willing to oblige, she always enjoyed the extra practice. Plus it would give her a chance to get to know the new girl a little more. So Aiden paged Sara to meet her there.

Aiden decided that there was no one better to show the new girl the shooting range here than her fellow female CSIs, so Aiden paged Stella as well.

While she was waiting she got on a pair of goggles and headset to block out the sound of the gunshots and stood shooting off her first clip at the targets at the end of the range.
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