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Dinner and a Show [22 Jul 2006|08:19pm]

[ mood | hungry ]

Who: Cadence, Danny, Flack, Sara, Lindsey, and whoever else is out there
What: Dinner
Where: Italian resturant run by Aiden's dad
When: Saturday night

Aiden was in the back sipping a glass of wine when she heard the bell on the door tinkle. She poked her head out of the swinging kitchen door to see who'd came in. She was hoping it was her brother, Jake. Dad always loved these family dinners and he always got disappointed when the whole family didn't show up. Not that they were as much of a close knit family as they used to be, but on a good night that didn't come up. Course on a bad night that was all that came up. Especially since most of the blame could be easily put on her.

At the door wasn't her brother. She smiled at the surprise.

"Hey, fancy meeting you here!"

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Hanging Out [21 May 2006|01:15am]

[ mood | flirty ]

Who: Attn: Danny & Flack Welcome: Anyone
What: After work socializing
Where: Sullivan's
When: Around 10pm, after Aiden's thread w/ Cadence?

Aiden was glad to be done work for the day. She was looking forward to hanging out with the boys as it had been awhile since her, Danny, and Flack had all hung out together.

Some days when she arrived home alone she had considered calling them up and inviting them over for a home cooked meal. But she always dismissed the idea, the realization being that her apt was too small to have more than one person (she refused to admit 'men') over at a time. Also she didn't know how the guys would react. She didn't want to be known as 'Suzie Homemaker'. She was still Aiden Burn and didn't want them to forget it. Didn't want to risk her position in the social hiarcy as it were.

But at least she'd see her friends tonight. While she waited for them to arrive she was nursing a rum and coke and shooting pool by herself.

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Hoping to pick up Jen's plot [17 May 2006|05:12pm]

[ mood | nostalgic ]

Who: Attn: Cadence Welcome: Anyone
What: Anything
Where: Outside Cadence's school to start
When: When school lets out after the last thread

Aiden leans against the railing on the steps to her niece's school. And despite the filter through her designer sunglasses the stone building is eerily familiar and she tries to think back to what she was doing in her life when she was Cadence's age.

She was still in school then getting ready to leave and go to her job as a waitress. She was also waiting for a miracle that would never come and if she had none that then she wouldn't have wasted her time with school. But things didn't happen that way and Aiden did a pretty good job of dealing with it. Most days anyway, but today was a good one. Despite the stitches in her side.

She's in a pale pink tank top and having just recently come out of the lab the warm spring sun feels good on her bare arms.

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Moving right along [14 May 2006|02:04am]

[ mood | blah ]

Who: Anyone
Where: Locker room
What: Anything
When: After Aiden's last thread

Aiden strolled into the locker room and went over to her locker. Her fingers easily found the combination on the lock and opened the door. She stood looking in for a moment, deciding what shirt to change into.

Finally deciding on the forest green one she switched that one for the one she was wearing. Then she grabbed a spray bottle out of her locker and took her discarded shirt over to a sink and started to spritz and scrub at the blood stain.

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[07 May 2006|11:18pm]

Who: Danny
When: After everything.
Where: Phone call.


When Flack dialed Danny's number, he's immediately brought to the man's voicemail and he sighed before hearing the familiar sound of the beeping before speaking.

Hey Dan, it's me. Listen, I talked to some of the witnesses and the only thing they can remember about hunting was that of close to nothin'. I really hope you've got somethin' because as of now, I'm no hope.

But listen, I'm also callin' to make sure you're okay. Just checkin' it up on ya, buddy so if ya get a chance, call me back or somethin', 'kay?

And he pulled the phone away from his ear before closing it shut. He was beginning to wonder if this case was getting to the best of anyone else.
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[06 May 2006|10:36pm]

Who: Anyone, please come in and play with me :)
Where: Breakroom
What: Need a hand
When: Afternoon after meeting Flack and Danny for lunch.

Aiden's face held a frustrated frown as she strode down the hall and into the breakroom. She went over to the sink and put the items she held in one hand on the counter. The other hand was holding a piece of gauze underneath her shirt to stop the bleeding. Not that it mattered much now. She would still have to change her shirt.

"Damnit." she muttered to herself. She kept looking out the breakroom door in the hope of spotting someone who could help her. Regretfully she couldn't do this alone. Well, she could, but not as well.

She opened up the contents of the wrapped tray she had brought with her and took out a piece of tape and used it to tape the gauze onto her stomach. She didn't need it to stay in place for long, just long enough to wash her hands.

She did so then snapped on a pair of gloves. Out of the corner of her eye she saw someone enter the breakroom.

"Hey, could you give me a hand here?"
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[25 Apr 2006|06:03pm]

Who: Anyone if they want.
Where: Streets of New York
When: After everything so far.


Flack was waiting impatiently, hands in his pockets as he waited at the Hot Dog Vender for his hotdog. It had seemed like forever since he had eaten something and after interviewing suspects, he was ready to eat about anything.

It had been a while since Flack had time to sit back and think about recent events but it did not stop him from worrying about it. He actually worried about things every day and how things were working out but before could really have that moment to go more in depth with it, he was handed his hotdog and fished out a couple of bills before thanking the vendor and grabbing some napkins. Hey, had to be careful with this food.

He had the suspects words from the recent case on his detective pad (which was currently stuffed in his dress jacket pocket) and once he was finished, he would make sure to head back to the lab to give the information he received.
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Drama? Casework? Whatever, bring it. [06 Apr 2006|07:21pm]

[ mood | working ]

Where: Lab
When: Mid-morning
What: Pondering
Who: Anyone

Aiden sat at a lab table staring into a microscope. She was examining the fiber she had found in the back of the limo from the Breazdale homicide. She looked up and made some notes on her findings.

She has nothing to compare the fiber to yet. And until she does there's nothing more she can do with it.

She's done as much as she can on this case right now. She lets her mind wonder as she finishes labeling and packing away the evidence. The lab would probably be called silent by most, but it's not to her. She can hear the humming of the air conditioner, the bubbling of the pot of water behind her.

She wonders how Danny is doing. But what she dosen't wonder is why he hasn't contacted her since getting out of the hospital. Doesn't wonder because she knows. She isn't wanted.

She shouldn't be surprised really. She's the leftover, the gopher. Good when needed, ignored when not. Maybe that was why she learned to blend in, in the hopes of becoming a part of the group instead of always looking in at it.

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[04 Mar 2006|11:05pm]
Four in the morning is early. Awfully early for Stephen. He was standing in the pitch black and could see his breath as he exhaled. It was also early for a high powered attorney, mother of four to leave the house and her children. Or so he thought. He supposed it was the price a person had to pay for being who they were. Or at least, it was one of them.

He was there to show her another downside to being rich and powerful in New York City.

It was pitch black when he saw a driver arrive at the house to take Mrs. Andrea Breazeale to the belly of the city. There was a sacrifice she had to make every day that her clients didn’t appreciate. Leaving behind her family. Stephen walked right up to the front gates behind the car and just walked in behind; up the driveway. He suddenly had the feeling that the driver was going to have to be murdered if he wanted to get to Andrea. Of course, that wasn’t planned, and there would be no actual satisfaction out of the act. He was nervous, and the gun was actually shaking in his hands. Stephen knocked on the window and told the driver that Andrea would be down in a few minutes.

“No problem,” the driver replied. He didn’t even look up at Stephen. But why would he? Stephen knew he had to do something pretty dramatic soon, or the driver would start to question why he was still standing there. And then the driver did look, and Stephen shoved the gun in his face and pulled the trigger. A second later, and the driver was dead. Stephen walked around to the passenger side, climbed inside the car, and waited for Andrea.

When she came out of her house, his heart started to beat faster, and he started to sweat. She stood outside of the car, waiting for the driver, but when he didn’t get out of the car to open the door for her, she opened it herself and got in. She couldn’t see Stephen or the dead driver through the one-way glass. But he could see her. He’d been watching her all week, and she’d never noticed him.

As soon as she was in the car, he reached over and locked the doors, then lowered the glass partition. Andrea’s eyes widened and she gasped softly. Stephen was just as scared as she was. He was shaking, and his teeth were grinding. The moment went too fast for his liking, but he’d planned on everything happening quickly. That’s what his knife was for. As he moved to the backseat, Stephen looked up at the looming house. He hoped it wasn’t her children who found her - Laynee, Mandi, Kayla, Sarah. Poor children. Stephen felt sorry for those kids, he really did. Poor babies without their mommie. Could anything be worse?

Closing the door once he was inside of the car again, Stephen lowered the knife to Andrea’s face, slowly cutting away delicate flesh from bone. Making his way to her eyes with the knife, her removed one, then smashed it between gloved fingers; delighting in the squish sound it made. They’d never see again.

And she’d never defend another person.
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Chance and choice [01 Mar 2006|03:10am]

[ mood | contemplative ]

Who: Danny, but anyone can come in, don't be shy
What: Mid shift chat?
Where: Locker room
When: Mid-shift

Aiden stood in front of her locker. It was already part way through shift but she was just clocking in. She’d spent the morning in court and wanted to change out of her business suit. She slipped off the jacket and her white high heels and put them both in her locker. She wondered what today would bring, crapsicles, bullet eating rats? In this job anything was possible.

She reached up and unpinned her hair, letting it cascade down over her shoulders, she shook her head and ran her hands through the tangled brown locks to loosen it up a little. It felt good, like she was starting to unwind. She never liked testifying in court, too many bad memories. But it was a part of the job, like it or not.

She reached for her coffee cup on the shelf and took a long sip, concentrating on the taste of the warm beverage. She wanted to quell thoughts before they were even fully formulated. Things were easier to manage that way she had learned. She set her coffee back down and took off her blouse and skirt. Throwing them into her locker she pulled on a pair of pants. But before she’d zipped them up completely her hands stilled as she caught sight of her reflection in the mirror on her locker door. She looked in the mirror at the scar that was running up the side of her abdomen, slightly to the right of her belly button. She looked up to her chest at the scar that should have been there but wasn't. That one she’d had removed. And it interested Aiden in that moment, the trauma people wanted to remember and the trauma people wanted to forget.

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Thursday night at Sullivan's. Because it's . . . Thursday. [Not like we need a reason to go, right?] [23 Feb 2006|04:16pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

Who: Everybody
Where: Sullivan's
What: Drinks. Just because.
When: Tonight. Now. Whenever you show up. If you show up.
Why: Just to see what happens. ;)

Lindsay was a little nervous. This was the first time she'd been out with everyone, and she wasn't sure if she'd fit in, or if they'd sort of fall into their own little groups or what would happen. But, she didn't move to New York to be afraid. So, here she was, and she was ready to have a good time.

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Valentine's Party [14 Feb 2006|12:27am]

[ mood | excited ]

Who: Everybody
Where: A row house in Manhattan
What: Valentine's Day party
When: 9pm
OOC: Sorry if this opening post sucks. My headache has been real bad today and the pain medicing I take makes me a little out of it. Also feel free to put a song in your post's subject line. It can be backgound music as it were and we can all share out fave Valentine's song.

IC: Valentine's Day was always a busy day for Aiden Burn. It was the winter recital and gala for the skating rink her and her skating partner had inhered from her Grandmother. Since most of the skaters were children the event started at 5pm and was over by 8pm. After-wards there was a hockey game. Aiden never stayed for the game, nor did her skating partner. Between helping the event to run as flawlessly as possible and their own performance they preferred to give themselves the rest of the evening off.

Since neither was romantically involved with someone currently it was tradition to spend the rest of Valentine's Day together. They both would've settled for a nice quiet dinner out, but that didn't seem to be in the cards for this year.

First his parents wanted him to come to the Valentine's Party at their country club. Aiden vetoed that immediately, his parents hated her and she did not want to spend the rest of what was already going to be a very long day 'playing nice' with people who blamed her for the ruination of their only child.

Second her brother had called looking for a couple to double with. That idea had also been vetoed as her brother and skating partner did not get along well either for similar reasons.

But all this required an excuse. They were throwing a party of their own. For their colleagues and friends from work. And the prospect was very appealing. So though it was kind of thrown together only a week before the event Aiden was very excited. It would be nice for everyone to get together for an event that didn't involve a dead body. And she was looking forward to getting to know the new people better.

It was decided that her and her best friend/skating partner would co-host the party at his house, her apartment being too small. They hired some waitstaff from a diner they frequented to moonlight for them tonight. They both prepared food in advance as well as decorated the day before.

So when they arrived home from the skating rink all that was left was to clean themselves up. Aiden lingered in a hot bath while leaving her friend to take a quick shower and help the waitstaff setting up the food. Aiden made herself look beautiful, slipping into her new dress and pulling her hair up in twist. The top curled, she left a few wispy strands loose to dangle about her face. Then when her makeup was done and she'd looked into the mirror and found her appearance pleasing she went downstairs to began her job as hostess.

About a half an hour into the party Aiden was chatting with some of the lab technicians ,or 'rats' as she called them, from both the NYPD crime lab and the FBI crime lab when the doorbell rang.

She excused herself and went to answer it...

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Sunday morning, restless morning [05 Feb 2006|05:30pm]

[ mood | sleepy ]

Who: Anyone
What: Anything, do whatever you want
Where: Brooklyn
When: Sunday morning, the sun is about halfway up

Aiden had slept well though she wasn't thrilled about being awoken before sunrise. She didn't hear the key in the door and was only alerted to someones presence in her bedroom when she felt him lay down beside her. He climbed into the bed easily, never one to plop or collapse like she did. She knew who it was of course, knew the scent of his skin and the sound of his breathing.

"Are you awake." she stretched like a cat, relaxed muscles protesting the early wake up call. She rolled over on her back and looked him up and down. Still dressed, hadn't even taken his shoes off. Dammit. He actually expects me to get up doesn't he.

"If I say 'no' will you let me go back to sleep?" He chucked.

"Do I ever?" Aiden groaned and rolled over onto her stomach. "Come on Angel." he soothed, rubbing her back. "Let's get in a few hours practice this morning before the rink opens to the public."

"A few hours! Come on Martin, the sun isn't even up yet!" She yanked the covers over her head. She heard him sigh.

"I'll make you breakfast." he insisted.

"I don't want breakfast, I want sleep." he sighed again.

"Fine, one hour, then you're at the rink."

"Fine." she felt him get off the bed and poked her head out of the covers to see him heading out the bedroom door. "You're leaving?"

"Some of us actually perfer not to sleep away our weekends." Martin smirked at her. She threw a pillow in his direction which he dodged by closing the door behind him. She pulled the covers over her head and went back to sleep.

Two hours later she'd finally dragged herself out from under the warm confines of her bed, threw on some clothes, grabbed a cup of coffee and a bun to go and headed out the door.

Aiden wouldn't deny that mornings had they benefits. The rising sun reflected beautifully off the light snow fall that was coming down. But still, she'd rather be asleep. She ate her breakfast as she made her way walking down the Brooklyn streets. Occasionally she yawned over her coffee cup.

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[29 Jan 2006|05:39pm]

Who: Flack
Where: Flack's apartment
When: Hours after finally getting out of the damn hospital

Freedom. The moment Danny was finally able to step out of the hospital, he sucked in the Manhattan air and tasted the city again. He'd hated staying inside. Yes, they'd brought him his laptop and tried to entertain him, but it was nothing like being able to walk around on his own again, being a part of the world again. Officially, he wasn't supposed to be discharged until tomorrow, but.. no. He couldn't take another day there.

Been a week, and he wasn't sure if Don would be at work or not. Danny figured he'd just head over there anyway, make sure the dreams he'd been having of Don being the one getting hit, of them both getting hit, were just nightmares and nothing real. He was signed off work until he got his ass in for another psych eval, anyway- they just loved digging into his head, didn't they? He just had to make sure he smiled and nodded and said all the right things in all the right places. And never once mention anything that could be seen as strange. He was good at that game.

He stopped at his apartment first, got a shower and clothes to help him feel like a human again and not a scientific oddity to be poked and prodded. Tossed a couple of things in his work bag before slinging it on and hopping a train, careful to protect his side from elbows and turnstiles. Last thing he needed was to be in pain and be forced to pop another pill. He'd been tempted to leave the bottle of meds at his place, but figured Flack would only send him home again if he didn't have them.

It took Danny at least twice the time to get to Flack's place as it normally did, and by the time he got there, all he wanted to do was sit again. So he leaned against the side of the building, humming softly to himself as he left Don a voicemail and just waited, finally able to be patient for something.
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My favorite, there is so much more to see [29 Jan 2006|03:25pm]


Who: Anyone
What: Scene of a Traffic Accident, possible suspicious circumstances
Where: Brooklyn Bridge
When 11pm

At 11pm, on a cold and black night a call comes over the police scanners. A red mustang drove off the side of the Brooklyn Bridge and slammed head first into the ground. Crossing over the other lanes the driver of the mustang left a three car pile up in her wake. Fire and rescue, and all available units are asked to respond. 

The car went off the bridge at the westbound Brooklyn approach, broke through the guardrail and went down like a ton of bricks. The car crumbled like an eggshell on the hard, unforgiving ground below, though not before coming down on a man who was unlucky enough to be standing in the spot directly under the car when it came over the bridge.

The scene is organized chaos. EMTs hurry to try and stabilize the victims and move the ones still on the bridge away from the scene as fast as possible. For one of the cars is on fire and firefighters are desperate to get everyone cleared off the bridge quickly before the car’s gas tank explodes.  Traffic cops have shut down the bridge and denied access to all but the most crucial of personal.

The young female driver of the mustang is alive, though barely. The EMTs fight to save her. She is almost completely crushed. She will lose both her legs, the appendages being too mangled within the wreckage to be saved.  She coughs up some of the blood that is filling her lungs and moans in pain as the action forces her partially crushed rib cage to expand and contract. She is covered in blood and glass from the windshield that shattered in on her, and her eyes are glazed over as if a part of her way already dead. And it is obvious to anyone who takes a look that the rest of her may not be far behind.

Lights on the river bridge, roll to the water's edgeCollapse )

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[24 Jan 2006|08:07pm]

Who: Anyone from New York
Where: Airport
When: Current

Catherine Willows looked out of the airport window and blew up her bangs with a puff of air. I haven't even stepped outside and I'm already freezing. That was her first thought as she wandered the airport near her exit gate. The cold was so much different than in Vegas. There, it only got chilly at night. And even then it wasn't freezing like here.

She really had no idea what she was doing here yet as she looked around for whoever was supposed to pick her up. She'd pretty much stormed out of the Vegas lab after Ecklie took away her promotion. Just because he could. After talking it over with Gil, he'd put in a few calls and managed to get her a position in New York. It had been hard for both of them as he'd been her best friend, mentor and confident for over fifteen years. But he also understood that this was something she had to do. Her daughter was coming out in a couple of days after Catherine got all of her furniture moved in. Cath was renting out a very nice townhouse close to the New York lab.

Cath paced back and forth among the sea of people, just waiting to see who would show up.
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[16 Jan 2006|12:13pm]

Who: Sara
Where: Outside the building [ready for their mystery date]
When: A few days after their time at Sara's, and their day off work.

Ryan had planned an outing for him and Sara for their day off, and he spent much time mulling over where of all places they could go.

A fair? None about at this time of year in New York.
Jet Boating? No water around, really...
A Park? ...

... Well, that was a possibility but he wanted there to be much activity where their outing would be, and a park could see them really sitting and eating. Sara may want to do that but she left him in cahrge of their outing.

He had asked people around the lab for ideas, and one of the more adventerous lab techies gave Ryan the idea that would be worthwhile, but would Sara approve? He only hoped so. It could make or break them [Ryan was slowly having second thoughts about this date], let alone make him feel terrible for a long time to come.

And so he rang Sara...Collapse )
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I'm so hollow [12 Jan 2006|11:14pm]

[ mood | numb ]

Who: Attn: Flack & Danny but anyone's welcome
Where: Hospital where Danny has been admitted
When: Same day as Flack and Danny's last thread about an hour later I guess?

The day had been normal enough for Aiden. She processed a crime scene with Vegas, worked in the lab, met her best friend for lunch uptown. Nothing abnormal, nothing strange. But then again Aiden's life had never given her many warnings about the painful things that were to come.

Even when William called her midway through the afternoon she didn't think anything of it. William, her brother, was an emergency room doctor and a chronic work-a-holic. He rarely contacted her, but when he did it was at totally random times so she had no reason to think there was anything wrong. At first.

"Hey Will, what's going on?" he didn't say anything for a moment. Maybe it was the silence, or perhaps it was the sound of his breathing, but her eyes all at once lit up with a sudden reconginazation and glazed over with fear. Something was wrong. "William what's wrong?" Silence. "Is is Martin? Jake? Mom? Who is it William? Tell me." She heard him swallow. "Tell me!" she could practically hear him jump on the other end of the line.

"Daniel Messer"

And there's not enought room in this world for my pain signals cross and love gets lost and time past makes it plain, of all my demon spirits I need you the most...Collapse )

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[31 Dec 2005|02:24pm]

Who: Danny
When: After Everything.
Where: Mother of the victim's home.

"Here we are." Don said as he pointed towards the closed door in front of the two men. "The mother who has the answers to all of our questions." He smirked as his Detective Notepad laid securely in his right hand, his eyes moving from the door to Danny.

It had been a couple of days since the night Don found himself at Danny's place doing something he'd never except himself to do. He had raised questions that both men hadn't seemed to answer and in a way, it didn't bother Don much.

"C'mon." Don said to the door as he knocked again. Where was this woman?
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Through the Grapevine [31 Dec 2005|04:10pm]

Who: Sara and Stella
What: Target Practice
When: Sometime between Christmas and New Years
Where: Shooting range somewhere in the lab building.

A little birdy, or perhaps a big mouthed lab tech, had informed Aiden that the new girl out of Vegas, Sara, wanted to get in some practice at the shooting range. Aiden was more then willing to oblige, she always enjoyed the extra practice. Plus it would give her a chance to get to know the new girl a little more. So Aiden paged Sara to meet her there.

Aiden decided that there was no one better to show the new girl the shooting range here than her fellow female CSIs, so Aiden paged Stella as well.

While she was waiting she got on a pair of goggles and headset to block out the sound of the gunshots and stood shooting off her first clip at the targets at the end of the range.
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